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Beer List - 2015 Detroit Fall Beer Festival

The 2015 Detroit Fall Beer Festival will feature over 675 beers from 83 different Michigan breweries and brewpubs.

Note that some selections below will require two tokens. These selections are marked with an asterisk (*). Thank you for your cooperation with this policy which keeps our event in compliance with state law prohibiting the sale of alcohol below cost.


51 North Brewery
Paint Creek Tangerine Wheat
Suuuuperfly Black IPA
Pecan Turtle Trifle

Arbor Brewing Co. Microbrewery
Michael Faricy's Irish Stout
Jackhammer Old Ale
Buzzsaw - American IPA
Violin Monster
FIGJAM 2015 - Belgian Quadruple
Vintage 2014 FIGJAM - Belgian Quadruple
Fischer's Fresh Hop Ale - Pale Ale
Bollywood Blonde
* Ypsilambic - Barrel Aged Sour Wheat
* Demetrius - Barrel Aged Sour Pale Ale
* Flamboyant Sour Red - Barrel Aged Sour Flemish Red

Arcadia Ales
Morning Night Cap - Coffee Porter
Jaw Jacker - Pumpkin Spice
* Shipwreck Porter - BA Baltic Porter
BA Jaw Jacker - Barrel Aged Pumpkin Spice
Maris Otter 50 - Anniversary IPA
Brown Cow - Brett Brown with Cherries
Cannonball Gold - Wet Hop Harvest Ale
Cheap Date - Session  Ale
Cereal Killer - Barley Wine

Atwater Brewery

Dirty Blonde - American Wheat
Vanilla Java Porter
Hop-A-Peel - American IPA
Decadent - Chocolate Ale
* VooDoo Vator - Dopplebock
* Blueberry Cobbler - Stout
Corktown Rye P.A.
Bloktoberfest - Marzen
Wallonian Water - Saison
Blue Nectar - Vienna Lager aged on Blue Nectar Tequila Oak
The Detroit Experiment - Weizenbock
* BBA Shaman's Porter
* Teufel - Weizenbock
Michigunder - Dortmunder Gold
* Conniption Fit - Double IPA
Tunnel Ram - Imperial Bock
Pheasant Hog - Imperial Brown
Whango - Mango Wheat

Axle Brewing Co.
Feast - German Strong Beer
Frank - Black IPA
Ruby - Red IPA

B. Nektar
Beer List not yet available

Bastone Brewery
Coffee Stout
Black Jalapeño - Belgian Dark Strong w/Jalapeño
Thor's Hammer - Belgian Golden Strong

Batch Brewing Co.
Dicksmasher - Imperial Stout
The Detroit Experiment - Weizenbock
Phugget - IPA
But First, This Brews - Imperial Coffee Stout
Fresh Cut - Saison
Low End Theory - Double Black IPA
The Sensitive Machine - Sour Red
Underutilized Pale Ale

Beards Brewery
Serendipity - Sexy Porter
Peach Fuzz - Amber with peach and spices
"Luna" - Wheat Saison
New School - Amber Rye
Oh, the Citranity! - American Pale Ale

Bell's Brewery
Two Hearted Ale - IPA
Winter White Ale - Belgian inspired white ale
Best Brown Ale - Toasty brown ale
Lager Beer - Bohemian pilsner
Hell Hath No Fury…Ale - Belgian inspired dark ale
30th Anniversary Ale - Imperial stout
Boiling Pot Pale Ale - Hop forward, oatmeal session ale
Sparkleberry - Belgian tripel with raspberries
Wild One - Wild fermented brown ale
Uberon - Strong brewed Oberon aged in whiskey barrels
Traverse City Cherry Third Coast Old Ale - Barley wine aged with tart MI cherries in whiskey barrels

Bitter Old Fecker Rustic Ales
Fresh Hop Strutter - BBA Double IPA
Riker - Double Brown with Grilled Apples
Arlen - Autumn Rye with Toasted Hickory Bark
Breese - Wheat IPA with Hibiscus and Jasmine

Black Lotus Brewery
Sun Ra - American Wheat
PBS - Peanut Butter Stout
Schraderbrau - Oktoberfest
Trick or Treat Bag - Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout
Gourdy How - Pumpkin Ale
Gourdy Ghost - Ghost Pepper Pumpkin

Blackrocks Brewery
Grand Rabbits Dry Hopped Cream Ale
Coconut Brown
Nordskye Session IPA
Conch Blower - American Barleywine
King Korn - Craft Malt Liquor
Foxtrot Belgian Pale Ale
Flying Sailor Red Rye IPA
* Mondo Beardo - Imperial Stout
* Nice Berries - Imperial Saison w/ Blackberries
G&T Ale - Experimental Pale Ale
Topaic IPA
Ryetober - Rye Amber

Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery
3020 Rye Pale - American Pale Ale
Frog Gigger - Hoppy French Saison
Imperial Oktoberfest
BT Pub Ale - Special/Best Bitter
Bumper Crop - American IPA
Michigan Session - 100% Michigan Malt & Hop Session IPA

Bravo Zulu Brewing

Golden Valor - American Lager
Ember Amber
American Pryed - Rye Ale
Blackhawk Porter

Brewery Ferment
Treater's Daily - Vanilla Cherry Cream Ale
Captain Scorch - Ghost Pepper Stout
Butternut Brown - Brown ale with local Butternut squash
Not Not Your Father's Rootbeer - Belgian Dubbel with spices
Coconut Marshmallow Stout
Peanut Graham Golden
Count Choculorange - Stout with chocolate and orange
Cowboy Killer - Stout with Vanilla Whiskey Tobacco
Cornucopiale - Sour Cranberry

Brewery Vivant
Big Red Coq - Hoppy Belgo-American Red Ale
Undertaker - Belgian Inspired Dark Ale
Pepper in the Rye - Belgian Inspired Rye Ale w/Green Peppercorns
Linnaeus - Belgian Inspired Mango IPA
Gin & Ginger - White Wine BA Farm Hand w/Juniper Berries & Ginger Root

C.J.'s Brewing Co.

Vatt 33 I.P.A.
Pumpkin Saison
Rich-Hagg Red
Autumn Bitter
Blackberry Abbey Ale
Lower-Straits Chocolate Stout

Canton Brew Works

Say Whaaat? - Belgian Saison
Tamarind Diaz - American Pale with Tamarind & Chilies
Nuggetaboudit - SMaSH IPA
Admiral Ambar - Amber Ale
Alien AutHOPSy - Double IPA
Say Whaaat? Bourbon Barrel Aged - BA Belgian Saison (tapping Fri. 7pm)
Parseltongue Rye - Porter aged in a Rye Whiskey Barrel (tapping Fri. 7pm)
Parseltongue Bourbon - Porter aged in a Bourbon Barrel (tapping Sat. 3pm)
First and Last Pumpkin Saison - Imperial Pumpkin Saison (tapping Sat. 3pm)

Cheboygan Brewing Co.
Blood Orange Honey - American Wheat
IPA #11
Lighthouse Amber - Altbier

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery
Batch 101  Imperial Stout - Cask
Hillwalker Scotch Ale - Cask
Washtenaw Harvest Ale - Fresh hopped Pale ale
Lost Lenore Pumpkin Ale
Tall Pine Double IPA

Cotton Brewing Co.
Molasses Sour
Persistence Continuously Hopped IPA
Pear Peppercorn Ale
Hazelnut Ale
Pecan Pie Ale

Cranker's Brewery
Lauren - Flanders Style Red (Saturday 2:30pm tapping)
Big In Japan Session IPA
Professor IPA
Suspended Animation - Raspberry Ale
Bulldog Red Irish Ale
Grand Royal Belgian Strong
Ill Connect Imperial IPA
Crankenstein - Amber Lager
5th Voyage Coconut Porter

Dark Horse Brewing Co.
Crooked Tree India Pale Ale
Raspberry Ale
Boffo Brown Ale
Reserve Special Black Ale
Scotty Karate Scotch Ale
Thirsty Trout Porter
Double Crooked Tree IPA
Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
HungYu's Heart of Red Gold Saison
Sarsaparilla 6 Stout
30 Jars of Hearts Bell's Tribute Saison
Maple Bourbon Black Ale
Cocoa Bourbon Nibbler - Chocolate Cream Stout
Barracuda Blue Blueberry Pale Ale
Scary Jesus Rockstar - Apricot Chamomile Pale Ale
4 Elf Winter Warmer
TRES Blueberry Stout
High C Harvest Ale
Till Death Brown Ale

Detroit Beer Co.
The Detroit Experiment
Detroit Dwarf - Altbier
Sexy Saison
Local 1529 IPA

Dragonmead Microbrewery

Final Absolution - Belgian Style Trippel
Sin Eater - Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale
Devil's Knight - Pumpkin Ale
Russian Imperial Stout
Castlebrite Apricot Wheat
Crown Jewels - IPA
Lancelot's Cream Ale
Hopus Dei - Belgian Style IPA

Eternity Brewing Co.

Execute Order 66 - Imperial Red IPA
Pumpkin Muffin - Amber ale with pumpkin spice
Bourbon Barrel Barley Rancher - Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale
Imperial Caribbean Coffee Stout
Red Currant Order 66 - Imperial Red IPA with Red Currants
Deep Fried Twinkie Ale

Falling Down Beer Co.
Ninja Chicken - Pale Ale
Zen Panda - Green Tea IPA
Smoked Porter
Coffee Stout

Farmington Brewing Co.
Blood Orange Wheat
Red Ale
Milk Stout
Mt. Olympus - Double IPA
Summer Citrus - American Ale
Oatmeal Stout (Firkin)

Fenton Brewery
Pure MI Harvest Ale
* St. Gin's - Imperial Whiskey Stout
Kickin' (Friday, 5pm release) - Red Wine Oaked Strong Ale
Staggering Bull - Imperial Nut Brown
Lochnecessary - Scotch Ale

Fort Street Brewery

Ale Lincoln - American Cream Ale
Downriver Sunrise - Irish Red Ale
Wabbit Cake Red - Spiced Red Ale
Lincoln Park 90 - Imperial Oktoberfest Ale
Twitter my Bitter - ESB
Lil' S.I.P.A. - Session IPA
Bedlam - Belgian Hibiscus Wheat
Farmer's Drought Stout - Dry Stout
Black Magic - Double Black IPA

Founders Brewing Co.
Harvest Ale - Wet-Hopped Ale
Breakfast Stout - Chocolate Coffee Stout
Spectra Trifecta - Ginger Kolsch
* ReDANKulous - Imperial Red IPA
Dark Penance - Imperial Black IPA
All Day IPA - Session IPA
Dirty Bastard - Scotch Ale

Frankenmuth Brewery
Old Detroit Amber Ale
The Hef - Hefeweizen Ale
Batch 69 American IPA
Christmas Town Ale - Spiced Ale
Harvest Ale
Chicken Dancer Farmhouse Ale
Tripel Vision - Belgian Tripel
Tangerino IPA
Mug Shot Stout
Hot Rocket Jalapeño Blonde Ale

Gonzo's BiggDogg Brewing

* Nature of Evil - Imperial Stout
Vanilla Porter
Yummy Hoppy - Double IPA
Magic Trick - Hefeweizen
Burning Sun Redd - Amber Ale
Dark Death - Black Stout (Saturday only)
* Keeper of the Hive - Imperial Golden Honey (Friday only)

Granite City Food & Brewery
Batch 1000 - Double India Pale Ale
Northern Light Lager
Bennie - German Style Bock
Duke IPA

Great Baraboo Brewing Co.

Caribou Wheat
O’Baraboo’s Irish Red
The Great BOO Pumpkin Ale
 Blackstone Porter
Cady’s Corner Not-So-Sessionable IPA

Greenbush Brewing Co.
Demeter - Harvest Ale
Limos - Dry hopped Harvest Ale
Closure - Pale Ale
Close Talker - Garlic Pale Ale
Dunegräs - IPA
Star Chicken Shotgun - IPA
Anger - Black IPA
Passive Aggression - White IPA
Dune Grass - IPA with Dune Grass
Buffalo Chicken Shotgun - IPA with Habanero
Brother Benjamin - Imperial IPA
Uncle Benjamin - Rice Imperial IPA
1825 - Belgian Strong
1826 - Champagne Belgian Strong
Unicorn Killer - Pumpkin Ale
Pumpkin' Ain't Easy - Sweet Potato Ale
Sunspot - Hefeweizen
Dark Star - Black Hefeweizen
Distorter - Porter
Owls in the Roadhouse - Raspberry Porter
Owls in the Wafflehouse - Raspberry Waffle Porter
Hay Porter - Sweet Grass Porter
Mr. Hyde - Coffee Stout
Vanderbush - American Tripel w/Cider
Tropicanabush - American Tripel w/orange
Return of the Wiener - Hot Dog Beer
Eunuch - Veggie Dog Ale
Village Idiot - Barleywine
Galactic Nitwit - Galaxy Barleywine
BA Terminator X - Barrel-aged American Strong
BA Doomslayer - Barrel-aged Maple Brown Ale
BA One and the Same - Barrel-aged Raspberry Ale
BA Unicorn Killer - Barrel-aged Pumpkin Ale
Cask Rage - Cask Double Black IPA
BA Retribution - Barrel-aged Belgian Hybrid
BA Vanderbush - Barrel Aged American Tripel w/Cider
BA Dystopia - Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout
Delusion - Barrel-aged Imperial Cream Stout
BA Cabra Perdida - Barrel-aged Blueberry Stout

Griffin Claw Brewing Co.
Norm's Raggedy-Ass IPA
* Bourbon Imperial Pumpkin
Downtown Bourbon Brown - Bourbon Aged Coffee Brown Ale
* Flying Buffalo - Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout
* Oblivious  - Bourbon Aged Wheat Wine
Imperial Porter
Imperial Hefeweizen
* Undertow - Black Currant Sour Ale
* Apridisiac - Apricot Sour Ale

Grizzly Peak Brewing Co.
Michigan Saisoniere - All Michigan Farmhouse Ale (Friday)
Klevenkop - Belgian Ale with Pumpkin (Saturday)
October Ale - Historical English Estate Beer
Bois Du Nord - Wood-Aged Biere D' Garde
Victor's Gold - Hoppy Kölsch

Dunkel Fester - Dunkelweizen
Red Nymph (SATURDAY ONLY) - Flanders Red
Light Side of the Sun (Equinox)
Contains Deez _____ - Brown Ale w/peanut butter and raisins
Currfee Purrmkin Purr - Pumpkin Spiced Porter w/lactose
Beer Right Meow - IPA
Cosmic Autumn Rebellion 4.0 - Harvest Pale
Oil Rigger 2015 (FRIDAY ONLY) - Russian Imperial Stout
S'more Sassiness - Imperial S'more Stout

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

* Crystal Chandelier - Single hopped tart pale with Crystal hops
* MI Summit  - Single hopped tart pale with Summit hops
* La Parcela - Tart pumpkin ale with cinnamon and cocoa nibs
* Fuego del Otono - Oak fermented sour ale with chestnuts
* La Roja - Oak fermented and blended Flanders style red
* Golden Dragon - Sour session IPA. Still deadly.

Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.

DRIPA™ - Double IPA w/ rice
The Fluffer™ - Session IPA
Thumper - Session IPA w/ coffee
Festbier - Oktoberfest/Marzen
All Hallows' Ale - Pumpkin Spiced Beer
Detroitonator - Doppelbock w/ maple and pecan
KuhnieWeizen - German Wheat Beer
Simcoe Sillier - Dry-Hopped Belgian Golden Strong Ale
* Braggot - Scotch Ale w/ honey
* Sparkling Mead
BTBBAAIS - American Imperial Stout aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels
Cherry Oud Bruin - Belgian Wild Ale w/ tart cherries
Bourbon Barrel 4th Dementia Olde Ale - BBA American Strong Ale

Latitude 42 Brewing Co.

No Doubt Stout
Doggie Fresh - Pale Ale with Cascade fresh hops
Lilikoi Wheat - Passion Fruit Wheat
Powerline Porter
Red Beard's India Pale Ale
School House Honey Amber

Liberty Street Brewing Co.
Beer List not yet available

Lily's Brewery & Seafood Grill
Propeller Island Pilsner
Drummond Island Dortmunder
Willoughby's Witbier
Sven & Ollie's I.P.A.
"In Bruges" Elderberry Bruin
Fairbanks Point Framboise
A. Strange Oatmeal Stout
Black Rock Point Blackberry Ale

Motor City Brewing Works
Underground Resistance - Detroit Collaborative Weizenbock
Le Rouge - Amber Lager
Oktoberfest - Marzen
Motor City Hard Cider
Motor City Pumpkin Ale - French Saison
Gigawatt - India Pale Lager

Mountain Town Brewing Co.
Trainwreck - Amber Ale
Iron Horse I.P.A.
Harvest Ale - 2015
Peach Gruit - Ancient recipe with fruit, no hops
Railyard Raspberry Wheat
Coal Stoker's Blackberry Ale
Hoptimal - India Pale Ale
Sacred Gruit - Ancient recipe, no hops
Crazy Train Black I.P.A.
Steam Engine Stout

New Holland Brewing Co.

The Carhartt Woodsman - Barrel Aged Pale Ale
The Poet Stout - Oatmeal Stout
Mad Hatter - Midwest IPA
Full Circle - Kolsch-Style Beer
Hopivore - Wet Hopped Harvest Ale
Pilgrim's Dole - Wheatwine
Paleooza - MI Pale Ale
Ichabod - Pumpkin Ale
Monkey King  - Farmhouse Ale
Mischievous (Sat 1pm tapping) - Wild Ale
Imperial Hatter - Imperial IPA
Rye Hatter - Rye Pale Ale
Incorrigible Reserve (Fri 5:30 tapping) - Fruit Sour Ale
Galabier - Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Trippel
Revered  - Pub Specialty MI Malt & Hop IPA
Schroktoberfest - Pub Specialty Pure Michigan Oktoberfest
Dragon's Milk - Barrel Aged Stout
DM Reserve Double (Sat 3pm tapping) - Barrel Aged Stout, Triple Mashed
DM Reserve Raspberry (Fri 7:30 tapping) - Barrel Aged Stout w/ Raspberries
DM Reserve Coffee (Sat 2pm tapping) - Barrel Aged Stout w/ Chocolate & Coffee
DM Reserve Chiles (Fri 6:30 tapping) - Barrel Aged Stout w/ Chiles

North Center Brewing Co.
True North Wheat - Belgian Wheat
Tunnell Pale Ale
Headless Horseman Pumpkin Pie Ale
Belgian Tripel
You're My Boy Blueberry Ale
Honey Blonde Ale
Marzen Lager
MB's Maple Brown
Imperial Red

North Peak Brewing Co.

Single Wheat Beer Seeking Drinkers - Wheat Beer with Lemon
Hooligan  - Hoppy pumpkin ale
Hoodoo - MI wet hopped IPA
Dauntless - Octoberfest style marzen
Dubious - Silky smooth dark chocolate stout
Chestnut Porter - A porter. With chestnuts. The end.

Northville Winery & Brewery

Beer List not yet available

Odd Side Ales
Bean Flicker - Coffee Blonde Ale
Bourbon Barrel Citra Pale Ale
* Queen of Tarts - Sour Raspberry ale
* Joker of Tarts - Sour Blueberry ale
* Morning Wood - Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
Rum Dankster - Rum Barrel Aged IPA
* Nihilist - Bourbon Barrel Aged IPA
We Be Jammin - Peanut Butter Raspberry Wheat
Beerjito - Lime and Mint Blonde Ale

Original Gravity Brewing Co.
Southpaw IPA
440 Pepper Smoker
EZ Duz-it IPA
Barrel Aged Oat Malt Stout
Two-Wheeler Witbier
County Street Amber
Primordial Porter
Old Skool Altbier

Perrin Brewing Co.
98 Problems IPA
Black Ale
Harvest Ale - Wet Hopped Pale Ale
Cherry Saison
Hotbox Brown - Coffee Brown Ale
Poop Your Pants - Chocolate Bock
Lil Griz - Sessionable Bourbon Barrel Brown
Juicy - Imperial Grapefruit IPA
* No Rules - Vietnamese Porter

Petoskey Brewing Co.
Horny Monk - Belgian Dubbel
Mind's Eye PA - India Pale Ale
Sparkle  - American Lager
Brad's Hard Root Beer
Mighty Mac - Imperial Porter

Pigeon Hill Brewing Co.
Your Mom on French Toast - Russian Imperial Stout
Jameson Porter
Oatmeal Crème Pie (O.C.P)
Double Dunes DIPA
Equinox IPA

Railtown Brewing Co.
Peanut Butter Cocoa Time - Imperial Porter
Citra Warrior - Imperial IPA
80 Shilling Scotch - 80 Shilling
SouthBelt - Session IPA
Rocky Rail (Cocoa, Vanilla, Walnut) - Brown

Redwood Brewing Co.
Grateful Dave's Dark Star Lager
Hairy Lil' Brunette Sista - Black IPL
Oilhead - Oatmeal Stout
Safety Noir - Black IPA

Right Brain Brewery
Chubby Squirrel - Fall Spiced Amber Ale
FunkyTapper - BBL Aged Spinal Tapper
Black Eye PA
Concrete Dinosaur - Brown Rye IPA
Thai Peanut - Thai Spiced Brown Ale
Naughty Girl Stout - Chocolate Mint Stout
Shrute Farms - Beet Saison
* Hirty Darry - Wet Hopped IPA
Imperial CEO Stout - CEO Imperialized!
* Hundo Anne - Wet Hopped IPA
* Broken Nose - Wet Hopped Double Black IPA
* Fresh Prince - Wheat Wet Hopped IPA

River Rouge Brewing Co.
Mango Explosion - Fruit Wheat Ale
Pecan Porter
Hazy 8 - Hazelnut Brown Ale
Vanilla Coffee Stencel Stout Extra
I-75 IPA
Cranberry Afternoon Dee-Lite Ale
Motor City Gas Powered Porter - Barrel Aged Porter

River's Edge Brewing Co.

Dubbel Entendre - Belgian Dubbel
the Mysterious Rye-der - Rye Saison
Leonard Slye - Pale Ale
Spiders from Marzen - Oktoberfest-style
Karate Bonfire - Coconut Vanilla Stout
Stumblin' Pumpkin - Pumpkin Ale

Roak Brewing Co.
Devil Dog - Oatmeal Stout
Live Wire - India Pale Ale
Roaka Cadabra - Spiced Apple Belgian Brown Ale
Kashmir  - Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Harvest IPA - Michigan Wet-hopped India Pale Ale
Bromancing the Wood Firkin - Mean Street Amber Ale with Pumpkin Spice and Whiskey-soaked Oak Chips (Sat. 1pm tapping)

Rochester Mills Beer Co.
Milkshake Stout
Pine Knob Pilsner
Cornerstone IPA
Blueberry Pancake Milkshake Stout
Bourbon Barrel Maple Brown Ale
Caramel Apple Red
Bourbon Barrel Imperial Milkshake Stout
Pale Ale
Bourbon Barrel Grand Cru
Vanilla Eisbock

Rockford Brewing Co.
Erdbier - Weissbier with Michigan Strawberries
* Little George - Imperial IPA 10% ABV
Rogue River Brown - 2015 GABF Bronze, English Brown
Chinook Harvest ale - Wet-Hopped Harvest Ale
Paradigm MPA - 100% Michigan Pale Ale
Sheehan's Stout - Dry Irish Stout

Royal Oak Brewery

Beer List not yet available

Saugatuck Brewing Co.
Lord Stanley 3 in 6 Stout
Backyard Session IPA
Dr. Green Thumb - Wet Hopped IPA
Neapolitan Milk Stout
Dry Hopped Saison (with Mandarina hops)
Snow Wizard - Oak Aged Brown Ale
Bonfire Brown
Starburst Wheat - Hoppy American Wheat
Hop In Yer Rye - Imperial Rye IPA
Black Day Milk Stout
Darker Than Your Soul Stout
Pumpkin Chai
Tweaked Scot - Coffee Scotch Ale
Barrel Aged Brian's Remorse - BA Stout
Barrel Aged Neapolitan Milk Stout (tapping Fri. 6:30pm and Sat. 2:30pm)

Schmohz Brewing Co.
Oktoberfest - American Wheat Beer
Bonecrusher - Dry Stout
Pineapple Ginger Ale
English Toffee ESB
Ginger IPA
Double D Hopknocker - Imperial IPA

Sherwood Brewing Co.
Sugar House Gang Lager - Pre-Prohibition Style Lager
Fest Bier - Oktoberfest
Darth Lager - American Dark Lager
Leadbelly Oatmeal Stout
Smoked Pumpkin Porter - Pumpkin Beer
Michigander Harvest IPA - Wet Hopped IPA
Abbeyversary Ale - American Abbey
Pumpkin Bread Hefeweizen
Mistress Jade's Hemp Ale - American Pale Ale
Seonaidh Scotch Ale - Scotch Wee Heavy
Morning Wood Coffee Stout - Maple Coffee Oatmeal Stout
Sixpence Blackberry Porter
The Cobbler Abbey on Berries
Long In The Tooth Old Ale
The Ghost and the Darkness - Pepper Beer

Short's Brewing Co.
Chocolate Wheat - American Porter
Devil's lettuce - Wet Hopped Harvest IPL
Maple Bourbon Barrel Magician - BBA London Red
Herbst Hefeweizen - Imperial Hefe
The Ali-Gator - Dopplebock
L-I-V-I-N  -  Tart Saison with lemon and orange zest
Black Cherry Porter
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - Double Belgian IPA
Noble Chaos - Oktoberfest / German-Style Amber Lager
Autumn Ale - London ESB
What'cha What'cha What'cha Want - American Pale Ale
Michigantuan - Michigan Cherry Double IPA
Starcut Ciders' Here Comes The Fuzz  - 100% peach cider

Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale
Hazed and Confused - Hazelnut Coffee Brown Ale
Chestnut Porter
Imperial Stout with Coffee
St. Jerry's Prunes - Belgian Strong Ale
Paul's Powerhouse IPA

Stormcloud Brewing Co.
Rainmaker - Belgian Pale Ale
A Yooper & a Troll Kissing in a Tree - All MI Harvest Saison
30:03 Harvest Ale - Belgo-American Harvest Ale
Summer's End - Belgo-American Amber Wheat IPA
2015 Harvest Tripel
Fun with Bourbon - Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgo-Black IPA
Silver & Gin - Gin Barrel Aged Saison
Stormtoberfest - Belgo-Octoberfest

Tapistry Brewing Co.

Hickory Creek Harvest Ale - Harvest Pale Ale with 100# locally grown Cascade wet hop
Crimson Complication - American Amber with Chinook and Cascade
Nelson's Empire - Imperial Pale with Nelson Sauvin and Michigan-grown Warrior
Rice Reaper - Double IPA with Centennial, Galaxy and Amarillo
Gordgantuan Pumpkin Ale - Flame thrower Pumpkin Ale
Chocola Java Stout - Belgian chocolate and Cold-brewed Kona and Sumatra

Tenacity Brewing
Basic Bitch - Blonde Ale
Downtown Dunkel
Pineapple Saison
Cherry Milk Stout
Harvest IPA

The Livery
* Maillot Rouge - Sour Barrel Aged Biere de Garde w/Raspberries
* BBA Trippel Weizenbock - Trippel Wheat Bock
* BBA Steel Wheels W/Coffee - Oat Stout w/Coffee
Love Pump (Firkin tapped Fri. 6pm)  - RIS w/Espresso, Coco Nibs, Vanilla, and Cinnamon
McGilligans (Firkin tapped Sat. 2pm) - Wet Hopped IPA
10th Anniversary Ale - Belgian Golden Strong w/Orange Blossom Honey
Double Paw - Double IPA w/Amarillo Hops
Blue Steel - Lager w/MI Blueberries and MI Cascade Hops
Tester 003 - Experimental IPA w/Citra and Ahtanum Hops
Oktoberfest - Marzen Lager

The Hideout Brewing Co.

Smugglers Hazelnut Stout
Vanilla Cheesecake Milk Stout
Dark Harvest Ale
Gangster IPA
Harvest SMASH Ale
Mosaic Red Wheat
Butterscotch Toffee Stout
Double Bubble IPA
Fruit Colson Rice - Light Ale
Espresso Brown
Pina Colada Pilsner
Bacon Red
Rebellion Mead

ThumbCoast Brewing Co.
Rum Oaked Trainbridge (Fri. only) - Russian Imperial Stout aged on rum-soaked oak
SOCO Oaked Ravenscraig (Sat. only) - Cherry Vanilla Porter aged on SOCO-soaked oak
Paddlin' Porter - Coconut Porter
Exquisite Coffee Stout - Foreign Extra Stout conditioned w/ fresh Ethiopian coffee beans
Demise of the Imperialist - Imperial Black IPA
Detroit Fest Beer UNO - English Mild conditioned with pumpkin and spices

Tri-City Brewing
Hell's Half Mile - German style Helles lager
Intergalactic Jack - Galaxy dry hopped American Pale Ale
Charity Island - Centennial and Cascade hopped American IPA
Torchon - Belgian Pale Ale
Giant Slayer - Russian Imperial Stout
Brownhoist - American Brown Ale
Phoenix Golden Ale
Belgian Tripel
Wild Lace - Belgian Pale Ale aged in a Cabernet Sauvignon soured barrel (Fri. tapping)
Regimental Reserve - Barrel aged Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (Fri. tapping)
Dragon Slayer - Barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout (Sat. tapping)
Pirate's Punch - Rum barrel aged Belgian Dark (Sat. tapping)
Scarecrow Spiced Brown - Pumpkin pie spiced American Brown Ale (Sat. tapping)

Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea
Peachtree Holler Seasonal Kombucha (peach, basil) (1% ABV)
Triple Goddess Ginger Beer (8% ABV)
Kombucha Pale Ale (KPA) (7% ABV)
Melon Chamomile Special Kombucha (1% ABV)
Roman Red Special (hibiscus, black pepper, lavender, honey, dates, salt) (~8-10% ABV)
Fresh Hop Special Kombucha Beer (~5-7% ABV)
Triple Goddess Bourbon Peach (8% ABV)
Cherry KPA aged Gueuze - Aged Kombucha Beer
Kriek Tisane Seasonal Kombucha Beer (cherries, lemon verbena, basil)

Unruly Brewing Co.
Punk N' Rock - Pumpkin Ale
Tropic Thunder - Imperial IPA
Revel Rouser IPA - West Coast IPA
Watch Us Gose! - Gose
Foundry Slag - American Stout

Vander Mill
Harvest Ale
Totally Roasted - Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan Cider

Witch's Hat Brewing Co.

Train Hopper - American IPA
Pumpkin Porter - Pumpkin Beer
Rez Gets Smashed - Double IPA
Wine Barrel Gose  - Barrel-Aged Gose
DragonTrax - Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout
Well Water - Bourbon Barrel aged Barleywine
Furious Ginger - Bourbon Barrel aged Milk Stout w/ Spices and Peppers
Dragon Water - Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout / Barleywine Blend

Wolverine State Brewing Co.

Oktoberfest  - German-style Marzen
Cucurbita Smiles - Spiced Pumpkin Lager
* Massacre 2015 - BB-aged Imperial Dark Lager
Harvest Deluxe - Wet-Hopped Lager
Insolent Mink 2.0 - India Pale Lager
Gulo Gulo - India Pale Lager
Premium - Light American Lager
Split Sky - Rye and Oat Milk Stout Lager
Raucher - Smoked Lager
MomoShōga! - Rye Lager with Ginger and Peach

Woodward Avenue Brewers
WAB Raspberry Blonde
Magnum PI PA
Gourdzilla! Pumpkin IPA
Detroit Maiden IPA
WAB Vanilla Porter

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