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11th Annual Winter Beer Festival

Fifth Third Ball Park, Comstock Park (just north of Grand Rapids)

Friday, February 26, 2016 (3pm to 7pm)  Enthusiast Hour begins at 2pm
& Saturday, February 27, 2016 (1pm to 6pm) Enthusiast Hour begins at noon

   Saturday session: SOLD OUT
   Friday session: $45 in advance, $50 at gate if available

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About the Event:

The 2016 Winter Beer Festival will feature more than 100 Michigan breweries and brewpubs. Each guest ticket comes with 15 tasting tokens which guests can exchange for 3 oz. samples of almost 1000 different craft beers (note that some specialty beers will require 2 tokens per 3 oz. sample). Guests will also enjoy fine music from local bands, other entertainment, ice sculpture demonstrations, and fire pits to warm up by. A selection of tasty food will be available for purchase at the festival.

Enthusiast Members with a valid membership ID card are invited to enter an hour early (@ 2pm on Friday / noon on Saturday) to enjoy VIP early entry an hour prior to General Admission.

The 2016 brewery and beer list will be published in the days leading up to the festival. The program will also be shared on the MBG's social media channels.

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Ticket Sales:

Tickets will go on sale to the general public through our Eventbrite page on Thursday, Dec. 3 at 10am. There will be a ticket pre-sale for Enthusiast members on Dec. 1 & 2 (more info below).

Note that the ticket sales page will be set to "private" during the pre-sale (visible only to Enthusiast members with an email invitation), but will be made public shortly before tickets go on sale 12/3.

Enthusiast Pre-Sale:

To participate in the pre-sale, Enthusiast membership must be valid as of November 15, 2015 AND have a current, unique email address on file with us. Enthusiasts can update their contact information by sending a request to our membership manager here.

Each Enthusiast member will be entitled to buy one pre-sale ticket per festival session (i.e. one Friday ticket and one Saturday ticket).

Prior to the pre-sale event, Enthusiasts will receive a pre-sale invitation with a link to buy their pre-sale tickets. Each link is unique and is only good for one completed transaction - so please do not share your Enthusiast pre-sale invitation email with anyone. For technical reasons, we cannot send multiple pre-sale invitations to the same email address, so if you are an Enthusiast member sharing an email address with someone else, you will need to set up a unique email address for yourself if you'd like to participate in the pre-sale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is parking available at the event?  A: Yes, there will be guest parking in the lots around the ballpark, as well as overflow parking across the street. Ballpark employees will be directing traffic at the event to assist with guest parking.

Q: Are there hotels offering packages? A: Yes. Experience Grand Rapids has a list of packages, including hotels with shuttles, featured here:

Q: Are there any shuttle options available? A: Yes, GR Hopper usually offers a shuttle service every year and we expect them to do so again this year. Information will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Note that GR Hopper shuttle ticket reservations must be made and paid for in advance - they do not sell tickets at their shuttle on the day of the festival. Local hotels may also offer shuttle services, so check with your hotel.

Q: If I enter on a DD ticket and change my mind, can I drink at the festival?  A: No, anyone entering the festival on a Designated Driver ticket will not be served beer or permitted to drink beer at the event. Any marked Designated Driver found to be drinking beer will be immediately ejected from the event.

Q: Do you have any soft drinks or other non-alcoholic refreshments available for Designated Drivers?  A: There will be orange coolers of water placed throughout the festival for all guests to drink - however, there will not be n/a beverages specifically set aside for DDs. There will be soft drinks and other n/a refreshments for sale at the Concessions area, but guests are also welcome to bring non-alcoholic beverages with them into the event (see below for list of permitted items). We encourage you take the comfort of your Designated Driver into consideration when planning for the festival and bring them something extra to drink at the event.

Q: What items am I allowed to bring into the festival with me?  A: Guests may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages with them into the event provided that nothing is in a glass container.Backpacks, coolers, and folding camp chairs are also allowed. Strollers will likely not be permitted due to potentially icy conditions and other safety concerns. Dogs and other animals will not be permitted into the event.

Q: Can I bring my baby / young child with me into the event?  A: Guests are permitted to bring immobile infants to all Michigan Brewers Guild festivals provided they are in a baby backpack or front carrier. Strollers will not be permitted in the festival (see above). If children are old enough to walk on their own, we ask that you leave them home with the babysitter. Also be aware that this is an outdoor event and will be crowded, so may not be well-suited for infants.

Q: Can I bring my 18 year old son with me as a Designated Driver?  A: No, all guests entering the festival must be 21 or older, even if they are entering on a non-drinking DD ticket.

Q: Can I leave the festival and come back in later?  A: Yes - guests hands will be stamped for re-entry.

Q: I can no longer attend the event. Can I get a refund for my ticket?  A: No - tickets are non-refundable. 

Q: I can no longer attend the event. Can I sell my ticket to someone else, or give it to a friend?  A: Yes - you may sell your ticket to someone else for face value plus whatever service fee was charged by Eventbrite ($48.50 for a Friday ticket, $54 for a Saturday ticket), or less. You may also give your tickets away if you like. There is nothing special you need to do to transfer tickets to another person. 

Q: What is considered scalping, and why is it so bad?  A: Selling tickets for more than face value (plus whatever service fee was charged by Eventbrite) is considered scalping and is against the law. The Michigan Brewers Guild reserves the right to invalidate any tickets discovered to have been scalped. For this reason and others, we strongly encourage you NOT to buy second-hand tickets for which the seller is asking more than face value plus the Eventbrite fee ($48.50 for a Friday ticket, $54 for a Saturday ticket).

Q: I couldn't get a ticket before they sold out and now I want to buy one online. Is that okay?  A: We strongly discourage you from buying a secondhand ticket online from anyone asking higher than face value, or from anyone you don't know and trust. Understand that tickets are emailed to purchasers as PDF files, and there's nothing stopping an unscrupulous individual from selling the same single ticket to many people - but each ticket code will only scan once at the gate. If someone sells you a bad ticket and it does not scan at the gate, you will not be let into the event. The Guild is not responsible for tickets purchased secondhand.

Our mailing address: Michigan Brewers Guild • 225 W Washtenaw, Suite C • Lansing, MI 48933

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